Work Capacity Week 2

Maurice inverted iron cross

Couple changes on tap for the rest of this training block:

  • This week is a deload week. The first week of this block  felt a wee bit light in volume, so I just took the first week’s volume and turned it down a notch. Go by feel this week. If you find yourself overly sore and dreading something, then skip it.
  • Everybody I know that trains on Saturday is going on the canoe trip, so that’s the workout for this Saturday.
  • Starting in Week 3, I’ve re-tooled things a bit. Each Saturday is going to be a single epic workout that will string together multiple small workouts in pieces based on a running clock. Rest will be built in, and the sessions will be about an hour long. I’m thinking of calling it “Thunderdome Saturday.” We’ve done stuff like this before, so it’s not completely insane. I’m thinking arrive at the gym at 10 AM to warm up and we kick off at 10:30 each week.
  • I will be moving around the important parts of Saturday to other days to make room for Thunderdome Saturday.  This should also help everyone that trains only four days per week by putting the most important work during the week.

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