Strength and Gymnastics II Week 1

shitcan the abmat

This week will be a little different than a standard “strength and gymnastics” week. Many of us are participating in the competition at CrossFit Protocol this Saturday, so I’ve included several pieces to help us finish preparing. I’m also toying with the idea of taking a different direction than planned with our team programming and trying some ideas from other successful programs. I’ll have more info to come on that next week.

My favorite way to taper for a competition on Saturday is to rest on Thursday, do a low volume workout on Friday, and then compete on Saturday. If I rest on Friday I feel lethargic on gameday. For most of us, a little bit of squatting on Friday doesn’t constitute a lot of volume. So I think the prescription below will prepare you well. It should keep your CNS engaged and ready to work on Saturday. Of course, if you’re feeling differently as gameday approaches, feel free to make changes based on how you feel.

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