Strength and Conditioning Week 1

Tom getting it done!

Some features in this mesocycle:

  • Squatting on Mondays during the regular CFI classes. It’s a 14-week squat cycle I programmed and used for the regular classes in late summer/early fall last year. It showed great results.
  • Pressing cycle on Wednesdays during the regular CFI class. This is a 7-week overhead pressing cycle I programmed. After the 7-weeks of overhead pressing we’ll do the same cycle with bench press (insert girly-sounding squeal here!!!).
  • Oly work three days per week. I’ll be drawing this work from Outlaw Barbell. Jared Fleming’s coach is writing the program there now and I really like his methods so far.
  • Strict handstand pushup density training once per week. I don’t care if you can do 518 consecutive kipping handstand pushups, you need to build the shoulder strength for strict handstand pushups as well.
  • Chest to bar pullup progression twice per week. This is to improve your butterfly kip technique and pulling strength.
  • Strongman workout on Thursday.
  • Monday and Tuesday are long, tough days. Wednesday is lower volume. Thursday is very low volume. Friday is another tough day. And then there’s…
  • Thunderdome Saturday

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