Summer Swolstice Week 9

john pfanner yoke

Few changes this week.

  • We’re starting the transition from pure hypertrophy to hypertrophy with a dash of strength.
  • We’ll be doing 10 sets of 5 now on the big lifts and working towards 10 sets of 3 at ever-increasing loads.
  • We’re now pairing the big lift with an antagonist or complementary exercise and alternating exercises (some call this super-setting).
  • Instead of Thursday being our Strongman day I’ve moved that to Wednesday. The previous split just wasn’t working well for me. I always struggled on Wednesdays and Fridays because of the hell of doing three hard days in a row (Mon-Wed) including back squat and deadlift on two of those days. So now we’ll be having our low volume day on Wednesday to reap some better recovery and then enjoy the unique hell of squatting and deadlifting on the same day on Friday.
  • I’m using a lot of ideas from this article by Charles Poliquin on how to take our German Volume Training to the next level. He’s the father of GVT, and an incredibly respect strength coach, so I’m pretty comfortable taking his advice.

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