Twin Peaks Week 1

BK concentric squat

It’s still hot outside, but the summer swolstice is over. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened. Now we’re going to hit some heavy doubles and singles for a few weeks to peak our strength while throwing more focus to weightlifting rather than accessory work. That’s where the name “Twin Peaks” comes from: peaking our strength and weightlifting prowess. It’s also the name of an obscure early 90s television show, and it’s a term sometimes used to refer to boobs. So it’s really a winner on several fronts.

Instead of Thunderdome Saturday, I’m going to try training on Sunday afternoon. Why? Because none of you jokers seem to be able to train on Saturday morning–except Olivia. She’s consistently there when she’s not wandering Mexico like a jacked Don Quixote. So for the rest of you, congratulations on dragging us into mediocrity. You win.

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