Squat Every Day Week 1

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Congrats to Olivia and Macie for their win at the Combine this weekend! I wish I could have been inside to watch her deadlift PR in person, but I was outside climbing ropes like a spider monkey. This week we start a new mesocycle called “Squat Every Day.” I am so fed up with my legs being comparatively weak that I am willing to try anything to fix it. Over the past two years, I’ve tried a lot of different things: Smolov Jr Squat Cycle, Hatch Squat Cycle, Russian Squat Cycle. I front squatted every day for over a month. But one thing I haven’t tried is low volume, high intensity squatting every day. So that’s what I’m going to try now. Follow me if you dare.

This program was created by Cory Gregory. In the below video he outlines his template, which I’ve modified only slightly. Primarily, I’ve replaced the 1/2 mile of lunges with conditioning pieces, mostly from classes at CrossFit Impulse. I’ve seen CrossFitters get rhabdo from 400m of walking lunges, so I’m not going to tell CrossFitters to do 800m of them several days a week. Maybe we miss out on some gains because we skip the lunges. I can live with that. But I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing I’m not killing anyone that follows the program. We’re finishing the weightlifting program from the Twin Peaks mesocycle. It ramps down considerably this week and next as it tapers for a weightlifting meet on the 26th.

One thing you’ll see often during this program is “work up to a technical max.” This is the heaviest weight you can lift that day without technique breakdown. You should not expect it to be a PR. It might happen, but most days your technical max will be well short of your PR.

The video is long, but it’s quite interesting. He really sold me on trying the program by how he crafted it after learning from so many different disciplines and coaches. Coaches he mentions like Louie Simmons and John Broz are some of the best minds available in strength training today. So check out the video below and get ready to skwaat!


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