Squat Every Day Week 6


Random thoughts, shotgun style:

  • Kudos to Will and Lauren for jumping into the Power Program and following it the past week or two. You guys are going to make great gains if you stick with it. I know it can feel frustrating when you begin, but if you’ll grind through the first 2-3 weeks then you’ll start to feel comfortable with everything.
  • Congrats to Nate for setting new PRs on back squat and front squat in the last two weeks.
  • Congrats to Josh for setting a PR snatch after not touching a barbell for almost a month.
  • Congrats to Olivia for bringing home more hardware from the Nashville Weightlifting Fall Open.
  • Thanks, Chris and Savannah, for letting me know my feet aren’t moving when I snatch. If you see me screwing up anything else, please feel free to let me know.
  • I’ve created a 10-minute warmup we’ll perform three times per week to address some common weaknesses in our weightlifting. If you struggle with one or both knees coming in during any type of squat or you struggle with shoulder stability in supporting heavy loads, then this warmup is for you. That should apply to just about everybody in some way. If you are a unicorn and that doesn’t apply to you, then just do it anyway and enjoy building buns of steel.
  • Next time I need a name for a new macrocycle, it will be called “Beast Mist.”

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