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CrossFit Impulse November Newsletter

Fundamentals – Encourage your friends to try our Fundamentals class!  We schedule free intros throughout the week and the next session starts November 3rd.  If you refer a friend and that friend signs up for Fundamentals, Fast Track, or regular classes you will receive one of our awesome new t-shirts!

We Want to Hear from You
We would love to hear why you like CFI, how CrossFit has helped you achieve your goals, and why your friends should check us out!  We want to put some new testimonials on our website showcasing opinions, stories, and hard work from our awesome athletes. If you’re willing to have your name and mug shot appear on our website next to a few nice words about us, then just reply to this email and tell us what you’d like to say. Nothing is too short or too long, and don’t worry about spelling or grammar. We’ll take care of that for you. We hope to hear from all of you!

Muscle Activation Therapy
Thomas Amsden is offering Muscle Activation Therapy to CFI athletes at $75 per session.  Contact him to set up an appointment or call (256) 270-6170.

Upcoming Events

CrossFit Impulse Anniversary Party – November 20th
CFI will be six years old in November!  Please come out and help us celebrate six years of awesome family, great workouts, and fantastic coaches!  We are so thankful for all the athletes and coaches who have made CFI a success over the years and we want to host a Thanksgiving pot luck to come together as a community and show that thanks.  The party will be November 20th starting at 6:30 pm.  Athletes, friends, and family are welcome and encouraged to attend.  CFI will provide meat.  Please bring your favorite Thanksgiving side dish to share.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
Wednesday November 254 pm class only
Thursday November 26th – No classes
Friday November 27th4 pm class only

*Regular class schedule resumes Saturday November 28th*

The Big Nasti – January 30th
CrossFit Protocol will be hosting a very unique event to kick off the 2016 competition calendar. It’s called the North Alabama Supertotal Team Invitational, or The Big NASTI. This event will combine Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting into one big team ladder event. Teams of five men and five women will try to total as much weight as possible in five different lifts: snatch, clean & jerk, bench press, deadlift, and squat. Only seven teams get to compete in this event and CrossFit Impulse is one of them! Each lift will be performed by a different athlete who cannot compete in any other lifts. You only get to do one lift–that’s why the team has five men and five women. You may be thinking, “I squat OK. But I don’t squat as much as Bob or Harry, so the team doesn’t need me.” But what if Bob and Harry are doing different lifts? Then that really does mean you should squat for us! So here’s what I need you to do; you’ll find a signup sheet on the counter at the gym. If you’re even remotely interested–if this sounds like fun–don’t worry about your capability, just sign up and let us worry about who will do each lift. The signup sheet includes space for you to write your PR in each lift. At the end of the month we’ll use the signup sheet to compose the team and contact everyone who showed interest to let you know the roster. Sign up today and let’s start preparing for this awesome event! – Jeff

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