Beast Mist Week 1

crush ball cardio queen


Beast Mist is a re-focusing of our power program. I’ve learned that if you do what you’re passionate about then people will follow you because of that passion. So I contemplated, “What kind of training am I passionate about? What type of athlete do I want to be?” I came up with these answers:

  • Weightlifting
  • Strongman
  • Conditioning that makes me better at the above two

So that’s what you’re going to see a lot of during this cycle. We’re continuing to follow a weightlifting program from Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. But I’m going to include more of the weightlifting assistance exercises than I have in the past, so you’ll see more pulls and snatch balances. We’ll do conditioning about four times per week. It will vary each week, but common themes will be Strongman style sprints, high skill movements like rope climbs and muscle ups, and interval work. We’ll be squatting about three times per week, with more challenging rep schemes than under Squat Every Day. We will definitely return to Squat Every Day next year. We saw some awesome gains by keeping our CNS at a high level through daily low-volume, high intensity squatting. But to keep making long-term gains we must expand to sets larger than singles and triples, at least for a while.

So enjoy being, as Chris put it, “in the mist of such beasts.”

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