January 2016 Newsletter


CrossFit Impulse January Newsletter

CFI is Offering a New Class
We’re starting a new program at CrossFit Impulse: Legends. One of the great joys of coaching is improving people’s daily lives by improving their movement. The population that can benefit the most from improved movement is our elders. Although you may not see it in your daily classes, we have a lot of experience working with special populations through personal training. We want to use that experience to help one of the most under-served populations in the fitness community: those struggling to keep or regain basic movement.

Legends will look a lot like the training in this video, and the target audience is people struggling with the same issues as Constance.

Legends is not like your daily classes. To the casual observer, it might not even look like CrossFit. Legends athletes won’t do “for time” workouts the way we do. They will move without weight for a long time before progressing to weighted training, and some of them may not progress to weighted training. They won’t be doing Olympic weightlifting. And class size is small: no more than four athletes. This ensures each athlete gets the attention he needs.

Legends will meet Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Legends will be organized into 6-week training blocks. The first class is February 1st and runs through March 9th. The rate for each block is only $300.

We are only opening four slots, and when they are gone, they are gone until the next block. So get your friend or family signed up today! Call 256-361-9348 or emailcrossfitimpulse@gmail.com. Each Legends athlete will schedule a free consultation that he must attend before starting classes. This consultation will include a basic physical screening, discussion of physical history, and discussion about goals. We are incredibly excited about offering this to the community and we want you to help us extend our reach as far as possible by telling your friends and family about it!

If you are wondering, “Ahh, I don’t know if that’s for Suzy. Suzy probably can’t even…” Stop right there. Suzy is exactly who we want in Legends. Confined to a wheelchair? We can help them. Trouble walking? We can help them. We want to help people tackle their toughest challenges.

Whole Life Challenge Sign Up
The Whole Life Challenge is a great way to get back on the healthy track after the holidays.  It consists of a system of points earned based on the healthy choices you make every day.  The athlete at the end of the game with the most points wins some awesome prizes!  Anyone can play including friends and family that are out of town, however, to be eligible for winning a prize you must come to CFI to get measurements and do the baseline workout.

Be sure to sign-up under CrossFit Impulse’s team and read all the information before Jan. 16th. In house rules are you can continue using your pre & post wod shakes (even if  not WLC approved).

Join the CFI Team here https://game.wholelifechallenge.com/wlcny16/join
First time player – $39 until 4th then $49
Returning player – $29 until 4th then $39

The Challenge starts January 16th
Ends March 11th
Be sure to register before January 4th to get the Early Bird Special!

Baseline and Measurements will be taken on Friday Jan. 15th  (12:30 WOD, 1:30 WOD,
2:30 WOD and 3:30 WOD) All measurements and baselines need to be in by Jan 18th.

1st day to record your baseline workout score is Jan 16th (time to enter score for the day
is 8 PM – 12AM)
Last day to record score is March 11th by 12AM

Baseline and Measurements for the end of the game will be done on Friday March 11th  (12:30 WOD, 1:30 WOD,
2:30 WOD and 3:30 WOD) All measurements and baselines need to be in by March 11th.

Award Night – March 12th at Pie in the Sky at 6 PM

Winter Weather Plan
We all know how unpredictable Alabama’s winter weather can be and we want to make sure our athletes and coaches are safe in the case of bad weather and poor road conditions.  If there is a potential for icy conditions we will have a post on the website at the beginning of the week outlining any cancellations that are definite.  The post will be updated daily as conditions play out.  Just look under the “News” section of the website for weather info.

Encourage your friends to try our Fundamentals class!  We schedule free intros throughout the week and the next session starts January 5th.  If you refer a friend and that friend signs up for Fundamentals, Fast Track, or regular classes you will receive one of our awesome new t-shirts!

Upcoming Events

The Big Nasti – January 30th
We’ve just selected our team for The Big NASTI competition at CrossFit Protocol on January 30th! Congrats to the ten athletes selected to represent our gym! I selected the team that would give us the highest mathematical total using the PRs everyone reported on the signup sheet. And a special congratulations to each and every person who signed up to be considered. When the game is on the line, a champion is the person who wants the ball. Just by signing up you said, “Hey, I want the ball.” All of you are champions.

Snatch- Courtney Hayden, Nate Haynes
Clean and Jerk- Olivia Scott, Jeff Barnett
Bench Press- Cynthia Walker, Chris Webster
Squat- Valerie Lamb, Billy Manley
Deadlift- Lauren Grider, Bobby Hawk

Teammates, stay tuned for the announcement of our first practice! This is where we’ll be fitted for breast plates and loin cloths. Just kidding…the loin cloths are one size fits all. We don’t have to be fitted for those. Jeff

Upcoming Training

In training and in life, you do the most important things first. So when I laid out our training for 2016 and looked at all the training blocks I wanted to take us through, I asked myself, “Which should come first in the new year?” The answer was “back squat.” Then I asked, “Which day of the week should we do it?” And I replied, “Monday, obviously.” At this point the barista in Starbucks was starting to wonder why I was talking to myself, but the point is that we’re starting a back squat cycle inJanuary! And it’s not just any back squat cycle. It is by far the most effective squat cycle I’ve ever used. I wrote and performed it as part of our Power Program over the summer, and it was incredibly effective with not just squat, but all the major lifts. For perspective, here are some of the different squat cycles I’ve tried: Smolov Jr, Hatch Squat Cycle, Wendler 5/3/1, Russian Squat Program, and German Volume Training. And I humbly believe the program we’re embarking on may be better than any of them. Please don’t tell Jim Wendler I said that. As we begin next week, I want you to be conservative in the load you use for your first workout. The prescribed load is 75% of 1RM, but if you need to back off a few pounds from that number, that is absolutely OK. The real fight should not be this week or the next, but in the weeks to come. The first three weeks will be difficult because of the volume, but I don’t expect to see any missed lifts. For the first few weeks you should never really have to question whether you can complete the set. You won’t want to complete the set, but you should know without a doubt that you can complete it successfully. So adjust your beginning load with that in mind. Slow, steady progress always beats running full throttle for a couple weeks and then hitting a brick wall. Please let me know what you think about it as Januaryprogresses! Jeff