Sunday Fun Day!

*3 pm surprise WOD*


Overhead Squats Week 2 of 8

10 x 4

Load: Add 3-7% to last week’s 10 x 5 load. Choose the statement below that best describes your workout last week.

Last week I could not complete the work at the prescribed %. I had to reduce the weight, or I had several missed lifts: Add 3%

Last week was really tough. Almost didn’t make it, but I finished the work without any missed lifts:   Add 5%
Last week was tiring but I completed it without a problem:   Add 7%


12 Minutes of dedicated instruction on Handstand Pushups


Partner WOD


10/8 Cal Row

20 Situps (partner anchored)

6/4 Handstand Pushups

**Rx+: 9/5 Strict HSPU per round

**Partner 1 completes a full round then Partner 2 completes a full round until 20 minutes have expired.


Snatch + Snatch Balance

15 minutes to find a 1RM in the complex


Parner WOD

200m run

25 Power Snatches

200m run

25 Overhead Squats

200m run

25 Power Cleans

200m run

25 Thrusters

200m run

Barbell @ 115/75#

**Run together with your partner. Barbell work is done with only one partner working at a time. Your team owes 25 reps of each movement. Divide them between partners as desired.


“Strongman Triathlon”

5 rounds, not for time:

2 Stone to Shoulder

3- 2 Board Bench Press

Keg Push Press (AMRAP 20 sec)


Challenge: Carry the Husafel stone 50′. If 50′ is easy, how far can you carry it in 1 minute?


CrossFit Open Workout



Snatch Clinic II @ 9 am

Open Gym @ 10 am