Training March 13th – 19th



Sunday Fun Day!

*3 pm surprise WOD*


Overhead Squats Week 3 of 8

10 x 3

Load: Add 3-7% to last week’s 10 x 4 load. Choose the statement below that best describes your workout last week.

Last week I could not complete the work at the prescribed %. I had to reduce the weight, or I had several missed lifts: Add 3%

Last week was really tough. Almost didn’t make it, but I finished the work without any missed lifts:  Add 5%

Last week was tiring but I completed it without a problem: Add 7%


10 min to work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk



15 Clean and Jerks@135/95

Rest 1 minute

15 Clean and Jerks@155/105

Rest 1 minute

15 Clean and Jerks@185/115

Rest 1 minute

15 Clean and Jerks@225/125

Rest 1 minute

15 Clean and Jerks@245/135

Rest 1 minute

15 Clean and Jerks@265/145

*Power or full clean acceptable. Split or push jerk acceptable.

*Mainsite: 9/11/15

*Scored by total reps complete in 20 minutes. All weight will stay stored on weight trees and against the wall until loaded onto a barbell. No staging weights on the floor.

*Compare to Oct. 1st 2015


5 rounds for quality, not time:

5 Deadlifts

10 Box Jumps

8 Ring Rows (tempo)

*Deadlift load and box jump height are athlete’s choice.


12 min to find a 1RM Dumbbell Snatch

4 Rounds For Time:

15 Dumbbell Snatches @ 40+/25+#

7 Bench Presses @ 205/125#

25 Wall Ball Shots @ 20/14#

*Rx+: 65/45#+, 225/135#, 25+/20#

*Each round you will use only one arm for dumbbell snatches. Example: Round 1 left arm, Round 2 right arm, etc.


CrossFit Open Workout



12 min to find a 2RM pause front squat (3 sec)



3 rounds for time:

800m run

50 Hip Extensions

50 Situps

*Compare to Jan. 11th 2014