April 2016 Newsletter

CrossFit Impulse April Newsletter

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Open!  We saw a lot of hard work and a lot of firsts this year.  The CrossFit Impulse coaches are proud of each and every one of you who did the workouts and gave it your all.

What’s better than working out with your friends? Encourage them to sign up for Fundamentals or regular classes!  We schedule free intros throughout the week.  April Fundamentals starts on April 5th.  May Fundamentals starts on May 3rd.  There will be a family and Friends day this month.  Find the information below.

Upcoming Events

Battle Frog Obstacle Course Race
Near Nashville on April 9th
We are putting together a team to run the Battle Frog Obstacle Course race on April 9th.  This is a 5 mile course with 20 obstacles so there is minimal running and maximal fun!  Don’t worry about “not having the skill” to run the race.  It’s set up for just about all fitness and skill levels.   If you haven’t done one of these I seriously suggest you check it out.  It is a fantastic way to have fun with your CFI buddies while putting some of that hard training to use.  Expect to have fun, be exhausted, and be covered head to toe in mud!   Go to the website linked below and register for the “Battlefrog Open” using the team name: CrossFit Impulse.

If you miss the Battlefrog, don’t worry.  We will have another opportunity to get dirty at the Tough Mudder in Atlanta on May 7th or 8th.  Ask Jeff if you have questions about the races, and be looking for more info from us about team sign up.

Family and Friends Day
April 23rd @ 9 am
Bring your family and friends for a Saturday morning CrossFit workout.  The workout will be easily scalable for all ability levels and will be a great opportunity for your family and friends to try out CrossFit and find out just how awesome it is.

Let’s Eat, Drink, and be Merry!
Blow the Radar April 23rd @ 7pm
Join us for food and drinks at Below the Radar in downtown Huntsville! We have reserved the back room and family and friends are welcome!
220 Holmes Avenue NE    Huntsville, Alabama    35801

Clean and Jerk Clinic
May 7th @ 9 am
This second class in the Clean and Jerk series will take place on May 7th at 9 am.  This class is more advanced and will build upon fundamentals learned in your first clinic. Therefore, to sign up for this clinic, you must have previously attended any of our Clean and Jerk clinics.  This clinic is free and open to all CFI athletes; however, if you sign up and do not show up there will be a $5 charge to your account.  There is a 20 athlete limit and the sign up sheet is on the counter at CFI.

High Point Climbing and Fitness Field Trip
Chattanooga TN May 21st
CFI athletes are invited to take a field trip to High Point Climbing and Fitness in Chattanooga Tennessee on Saturday, May 21st.  This is an indoor rock climbing facility and all ability levels including beginners are welcome to attend. Equipment is available for rental and each group receives an orientation on how to use harnesses and belays.  We will have a sign-up sheet for those who are interested in attending and would like to carpool or caravan to Chattanooga.  We are planning to leave Huntsville at 7:30 am and arrive in Chattanooga at 10 am.  If you want to leave later or are not interested in carpooling, remember that they are on Eastern time.   Check out their website at http://highpointclimbing.com/riverside/about/rates-waivers/#

Upcoming Training
Congratulations to everyone on competing in the CrossFit Open!  As always, it’s a huge challenge that leaves you feeling accomplished – but also glad it’s over.  Now April has begun and we get to start out Pull Up program!  This six-week program prescribes dedicated Pull Up work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  April also gives us the return of Strongman Saturday!  Through April and the first half of May you’ll want to make Saturday training a priority so you can play with all the weird and heavy implements that Strongman training has to offer.  Outside the gym, heavy things often lack carefully crafted handles.  Strongman training is a sobering reminder of that fact, and will strengthen your body in ways that barbells simply won’t.

Later on this summer we’ll put all your new leg strength to use with a big block of speed and agility training.  It’s cool to be strong like an ox.  But we also want to be nimble like a cheetah.  We want to be strong, nimble cheetah-oxen.

Yesterday an athlete asked me how he could build his pressing strength.  We talked about exactly what he was looking for and I gave him some “homework” that will help him get there.  If you have any questions or goal I can help with, please ask.  I will use every tool in my toolbox to get you where you want to be.  -Jeff

Be On the Lookout for Information

– Ocoee White Water Rafting Trip