July 2016 Newsletter

CrossFit Impulse July Newsletter


What’s better than working out with your friends? Encourage them to sign up for Fundamentals or regular classes!  We schedule free intros throughout the week.  August Fundamentals starts on August 2nd.  Do you know someone who wants to try a class before they sign up?  We can schedule that, too.

July Giveaway

We will be giving away CrossFit Impulse car decals to any athletes who make the PR board this month!


It’s Hot!  Stay hydrated and bring a case of water to share!


CFI is discontinuing the 2x per week membership.  Athletes who currently have this membership are grandfathered in and will not be required to upgrade; however, it will no longer be offered as an option to new athletes or as a change option for existing athletes.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask any of the coaches or shoot Jessica an email at crossfitimpulse@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

CrossFit Games Viewing Party

The 2016 CrossFit Games are July 19 – 24th!  This is the event of the summer.  Watch all your favorite Games athletes compete to see who are the fittest men and women in the world!
What: Watch the 2016 CrossFit Games together live on TV!
When: Evening of Saturday July 23rd and Sunday July 24th. Details TBA.
Who: Everyone is invited! Children are welcome.
Where: Jeff and Christina’s house

High Point Climbing and Fitness Field Trip

Saturday, July 30th

On Saturday, July 30th we’re going to High Point Climbing and Fitness in Chattanooga Tennessee.  This is an indoor rock climbing facility. They make it easy for everyone from kids to experienced climbers to have fun. They have walls from 6′ high to 36′ high. They rent you the equipment and show you how to use it. Seriously, you don’t have to know anything. They have systems that lower you to the ground slowly and gently whenever you decide to let go of the wall.  Just show up and have fun.  We will have a sign-up sheet on the counter. We will meet at the gym, leave at 7:30 am Central, and arrive in Chattanooga about 10 am Eastern. Carpooling is recommended.  If you want to leave later or are not interested in carpooling, remember that Chattanooga is on Eastern time.   Check out their website at  http://highpointclimbing.com/riverside/about/rates-waivers/#

Upcoming Training

July concludes our Sprint and Agility training block. I’ve really been enjoying this because of the change of pace it provides. Moving quickly for short distances and changing direction are fundamental human movements. It would be difficult to call ourselves “fit” without basic competence in those skills. If sprinting is just no fun for you then I encourage you to try it again, but remove all your expectations. You don’t have to move like a cheetah to benefit from sprinting. Take the workouts at whatever pace you can manage without pain, no matter how slow that might feel. As long as you’re moving faster than normal, I promise you’ll see benefits.

Did you know the benefits of sprinting can drastically outweigh the benefits of long, slow-paced workouts? In particular, you burn more fat through sprint workouts than something like running a 5K. During a long, low-intensity effort you burn more fat during the effort. So during that 30ish minutes you are burning more fat than when sprinting. But after the 5K effort is over, the fat burning is done. Science has shown that sprint workouts cause you to burn more fat throughout the remainder of your day, and the net fat loss is way more than if you had run continuously at a slower pace. So if you want to be lean, sprints will get you a lot further than jogging.

Next week, from July 11th-17th we are introducing “Virtuosity Week.” Virtuosity means “doing the common uncommonly well.” I am really excited about this. If you commit yourself to it, this week is going to improve the way you move for the other 51 weeks of the year. Isn’t that the goal of exercise, to improve the way we move? But in CrossFit, where our workouts are timed, it’s easy to get caught up moving with speed rather than quality. So we are going to take an entire week and focus on movement quality. We’re going to take fundamental movements that we do every week and spend some time honing the details of our technique. Then when the workout starts, you’ll still be expected to move quickly, but only as quickly as you are able while keeping your absolute best technique. The clock won’t be running. Your workout will be recorded by a number from 1-10 that you will decide and report to your coach. A 10 means you executed every rep of every movement with the best technique you have–zero exceptions. A 5 means your movement was sloppy in some places but not everywhere. A 1 means you flipped your coach the bird and half-repped everything.

Virtuosity week doesn’t mean you won’t get a good workout. In fact, you will get a better workout–you just may not be able to workout as fast as you think you can. It’s coming. Embrace it. You’ll move better because you did.

Be on the Lookout for Information

-Viking Raid

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