November 2016 Newsletter


CrossFit Impulse November Newsletter

We can custom schedule Fast Track and Fundamentals courses to fit your schedule. Your friend that keeps promising to start next week just lost another excuse. Call, email, and send your friends our way.  We schedule free intros throughout the week and pride ourselves on making everyone of any ability level feel comfortable and get started with CrossFit the right way.

It is coming up on the holiday season and we want to help you with that pesky holiday shopping.  We have CFI gift certificates for Fast Track, Fundamentals, and awesome CFI swag for sale through December!

New AED/First Aid Kit
For seven years you’ve said we’re trying to kill you. Now we can shock you back to life to finish that last round of Fran. Seriously, we’re very happy to add this AED as our latest safety tool. Several of your coaches already have Red Cross CPR & AED training, and by next month 100% will have formal training.

Upcoming Events

Kettlebell Clinic
Wednesday, November 9th @ 6:30 pm
Kettlebells are a dynamic piece of equipment and there is definitely an art to using them.  Coach Jeff is leading a Kettlebell clinic to help you master the art and hone your skills.  The clinic is open to all CFI athletes and all ability levels.  There is a ten athlete max and a sign up sheet on the counter.

Veteran’s Day
November 11th – 11:30 am class, open gym at 12:30.  These are the only gym times for the day.

Thanksgiving Anniversary Party
Friday, November 18th @ 6:30 pm
CFI is celebrating seven awesome years and we want to say thank you to all of our awesome athletes!  So come celebrate with us on Friday, November 18th at 6:30 pm.  This is a potluck event and CFI will provide the meat!  Just bring yourselves and, if you like, a potluck or Thanksgiving dish to share.  Friends and family are always welcome.

Thanksgiving Schedule
Wednesday, November 23rd – 11:30 am class, 12:30 open gym, 4 pm class
Thursday, November 24th – Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, November 25th – 2 pm open gym, 4 pm class
Saturday, November 26th – regular schedule

Upcoming Training
In the first part of November we will finish our bench press and front squat cycle. I hope you have enjoyed getting diesel on Mondays! On November 14th we’ll re-test our bench press, and I’m expecting to see the November PR board filled to the brim! The Friday after Thanksgiving we’ll be hitting CrossFit Total. A few years ago I found that when all of you take a day off and eat like ravenous wolves, the next day you can move some serious weight. So we’ve made CrossFit Total on the day after Thanksgiving a small tradition. I hope you like it. Bring a leftover drumstick and get ready to PR your back squat, deadlift, and shoulder press!

I’ve had the chance to talk with many of you recently and received some great feedback that I’m integrating into the gym. I spoke with a couple of you about how we can structure our training blocks next year to take advantage of Alabama weather. Another athlete gave me some music suggestions that I added to the gym’s playlist. Whenever you have an idea, I want you to tell me about it. Feel free to grab me in person, or you can leave a comment in the comment box. I can’t promise every idea will be adopted, but I can promise every comment gets serious thought and consideration.

I’m looking forward to training hard into the holidays! Don’t let the holiday season derail your progress with its changes in schedule and new demands on your time. When it comes to your health, you have to prioritize you. My father told me as a child, “If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody is going to do it for you.” That still rings true. It doesn’t mean being selfish and ignoring the needs of others. It means that if you don’t set aside time to meet your own needs then your needs simply will not be met. Schedule time for everything that’s important to you–including the gym. Don’t make it a decision point. Don’t go if you feel like it. Go because it’s Monday at 11:30 and you always go on Monday at 11:30–or whatever your schedule may be. I look forward to seeing you all the way through the new year!