Training February 12th – 18th


Sunday Fun Day!

3pm Surprise WOD


Back Squat

3 sets x 5 reps @ add +10/+5 lb to last week



Back Squat @ 225/155#

Chest to Bar Pullups

Time cap: 8 min

*Back Squat will be taken from a rack during conditioning.

*Scaling Notes: If 225/155# is too much for the back squat during conditioning, use 60% of your working weight today.


Skill Work on linking Toes to Bar



40 Double Unders

15 Toes to Bar

1 Mini-Obstacle Course


Shoulder Press

3 sets x 5 reps @ add +5/+3 lb to last week


For max load and quality of movement, not time:

3 Rounds

2 Legless Rope Climbs

75’ Farmer’s Carry @ Body weight each hand

100m Sandbag Zercher Carry @ Heavy AF


Skill Work on Double-Unders



60 Double-Unders

20 Push Press @ 105/65#

20 Front Rack Lunges@ 105/65#

Round 1: Right leg lunges only

Round 2: Left leg lunges only…

Time cap: 22 min


Stone Load Medley:

In 45 seconds:

From heavy to light, load 5 stones to an increasing height. Load the last stone (lightest / highest) as many times as possible in remaining time.

*Scored by heaviest stone loaded, lightest stone loaded, and total reps of lightest stone in 45s.


In 2 minutes:

20 Deadlifts @ 185/125#

AMRAP Box Jumps @ 36”/28”

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Repeat for 3 total rounds

Scored by total box jumps completed.


Carry a crushing load in the front rack position for 30’


For time:

75 Wall Ball Shots @ 20/14#

50 Burpees

*E2MOM Run 100m

*Workout starts with a 100m run.

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