Training April 30th – May 6th


Sunday Fun Day!

3 pm Surprise WOD


Sprint Sprint Week 3

  1. Warmup
  2. Sprint Mechanics Drills
  3. 8 Minute Run
  4. 5 x 40m Hill Sprint
  5. Pro Agility Shuttle Face-Off Tournament



12 Dumbbell/Kettlebell Thrusters

12 Toes to Bar

30 Double Unders

Rx Men: 50-53 lb Dumbbells or Kettlebells

Rx Women: 35-40 lb Dumbbells or Kettlebells


Find a heavy single Sumo Deadlift


15 Sumo Deadlifts @ 275/175#

24 Chest to Bar Pullups

12 Sumo Deadlifts

18 Chest to Bar Pullups

9 Sumo Deadlifts

12 Chest to Bar Pullups

6 Sumo Deadlifts

6 Chest to Bar Pullups

Time Cap: 15 min


Snatch Party 4.0

EMOM Until Failure

1 Snatch

Start at 100# less than your 1RM snatch, or the empty bar, whichever is greater. Add 5# every minute. If you miss a load, then you must reset by exactly 20# and continue working up again. You will reset 3 times during the workout. The next time you miss after your 3rd and final reset, you are done. Scored by heaviest load achieved.

Compare to Dec 10th 2016.



Run 800m with a 25/15# Bumper


14 Rounds of:

5 Strict Pull-ups

4 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24/20”

3 Cleans* @ 185/125#


Run 800m with a 25/15# Bumper

Cutoff: If you haven’t begun the final run by 33 minutes, you must do so at that time.

*Power Clean or Full Clean is Allowed. Starfish Cleans and Split Cleans are not.


“Carry Me Home”

5 Rounds for Quality

2 x 50’ Overhead Carry @ 205/125#

100 m 1-Arm Farmer’s Carry (50 m each arm) @ 140/90#

100 m Fireman’s Carry @ Choose your partner wisely