September 2017 Newsletter


CrossFit Impulse September Newsletter

Fundamentals Schedule Fundamentals and Fast Track with a personal trainer according to your schedule! We are getting closer and closer to the holiday season and that dreaded holiday weight gain.  CrossFit is a great way to stay fit during this season of feast. Both of our intro courses are designed for that new athlete who wants to be strong and fit, but isn’t ready to just jump into group classes.  So encourage your friends, family, and even strangers to call or email us about signing up! Contact us today!

Announcement The temperatures are cooling off!  Look for the garage doors to be open to wonderful fall weather.  Bring a case of water if you like it bottled!

Upcoming Events

Friends and Family Day Friday, September 29th On Friday September 29th we’re having a special Friends and Family Day…all. day. long. You can bring an adult guest to any of the day’s scheduled classes and we’ll introduce them to CrossFit the right way, working out right alongside you. The workout will be something appropriate for the complete newcomer to exercise, so their current physical ability is irrelevant. The workout will be completely scalable and our coaches will be ready to adapt it to your guest’s needs. So find that friend that keeps threatening to try CrossFit, invite them to lunch, and then lock the car doors and drive to the lunch class. They’ll thank you later–probably

Upcoming Training September is an exciting month for our training! We start by finishing our six-week deadlift cycle on September 11th by testing our progress and finding a new maximum deadlift. After the deadlift cycle is complete we begin our fall sprint training block. It will be very similar to our spring sprint training block back in April. Once a week for five weeks we’ll focus on sprinting. We’ll start with simple 40-yard hill sprints and then layer in complexity by introducing change of direction, varied starts, and tasks to complete before and after the sprint. This is one of my favorite training blocks because sprinting has huge benefits for your health and body composition, as well as your athleticism. Science is very clear that sprinting is very effective for losing fat and retaining muscle–much more so than steady state cardio. So if you want to be lean and strong, sprinting is for you, no matter how fast or slow your sprint may be. If you’re moving as fast as you can–that’s all that matters!   Our benchmark workouts this month are fan favorites DT and Barbara.    Jeff
Be on the Look Out for Information

– Annual Halloween Party

– Veterans day Hero WOD

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