October Newsletter

Schedule Fundamentals and Fast Track with a personal trainer according to your schedule! We are getting closer and closer to the holiday season and that dreaded holiday weight gain.  CrossFit is a great way to stay fit during this season of feast. Both of our intro courses are designed for that new athlete who wants to be strong and fit, but isn’t ready to just jump into group classes.  So encourage your friends, family, and even strangers to call or email us about signing up!

If you like cold bottled water, bring a case to share!  We’ll keep it in the fridge for you at a cool 40 degrees.

Upcoming Events

Columbus Day
October 9th- regular class schedule
Dress like a pirate day!  Come to any class dressed like a pirate because, you know, Columbus!

Halloween Party

Friday, October 27th @ 6:30 pm

You have two different ways to participate in Halloween on Friday October 27th at CrossFit Impulse! Choose one, or the other, or both! First, you can wear a costume to any scheduled class on Friday. Best workout score for the day done in costume will receive a special prize at the party later that night (you do not have to be present at the party to win). Second, you can get dressed up and attend our party at 6:30 pm! This is a pot luck event. We’ll provide the meat, and you can choose to bring a side dish or something special to share. Friends, family, and children are encouraged to attend. At the party we will have a costume contest for best male, female, and kids costume. This is always a great time and we look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Training

October is going to be another fun month of training. You’ll see lots of named workouts that you recognize and love (or hate). You’ll also meet several named workouts we’ve never done before.

October will bring our Fall Sprint Training Block to a close. Then on the last full week of of the month we’ll begin a new Back Squat Training Block! This is a new squat cycle that I’ve designed from the ground up using lessons learned from our previous training blocks. You’ll get stronger, you’ll enjoy the progression, and you’ll find it easy to execute within your one-hour class.

Benchmark workouts for October are Fran and Helen. This time we’re going to do Helen first and Fran a couple weeks later, just because the movements fit better with the rest of the program for those weeks.

Finally, I want to share something I read recently that has helped me in the gym: “Be the best version of yourself.”

When I’m tired during a workout, like at minute 15 of a grueling 20-minute AMRAP, and I’m deciding whether to pick up the barbell and keep moving, sometimes the thought creeps into my head, “Well today I’m ahead of my arch rival, Squinty McSpongelick, so I can rest a few seconds more.” I immediately push that thought away and replace it with, “No, be the best version of yourself.” It means, “Am I doing all I can? Am I working to my fullest? Not to beat someone else, but to be the best athlete I can be?” It takes my external focus from others and puts it internally, where it belongs, back on me.

Conversely, the question can also be relieving. Instead of being ahead of Squinty, perhaps I’m actually behind. I might pose the phrase as an honest question, “I want to catch Squinty. But am I being the best version of myself?” If the honest answer is “Yes, I am.” then Squinty is just better than me that day, and there’s nothing I can do about it during that workout. I’m being the best version of myself, and I continue to do that without worrying about Squinty.

But sometimes the answer might be, “No, Jeff, you’re not being the best version of yourself. You can do better on rope climbs. You’re good at those and don’t need to take such a long rest before you start. You just don’t like climbing the rope while tired, and you’re procrastinating.” So the phrase can still call me to action. But it can also give me some relief, depending on my answer at that moment.

So try asking yourself during a workout, “Am I being the best version of myself right now?” Give yourself an honest answer. Don’t bullshit yourself. See what action it inspires or anxiety it relieves. Try it.