Training January 28th – February 3rd


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Retest Max Effort Unbroken Pullups

Pullup Cycle: Week 1 Day 1

Partner WOD

For time:

Row 7000 meters

Time Cap: 35 min

*Only one partner rows while the other partner rests. You may trade partners whenever desired within these bounds: You must row at least 1 minute without trading. You may not row more than 2 minutes without trading.


Push-Pull Party

Every 90 Seconds Until Failure

1 Deadlift @ increasing load + 3 Kettlebell Thrusters @ 53/35# in one hand only

*Deadlift Rules:  Start at least 200 lb under your 1RM, or the empty bar, whichever is greater.  Increase by 10# each round.  Miss once and your workout is done.

*Starting Load Choices: Bar, 75, 135, 225, or 315

*Kettlebell Thruster Rules:  After every deadlift you owe 3 Kettlebell Thrusters. Kettlebell starts on the ground. Do all 3 Thrusters on your right side the first round. Then all 3 Thrusters on your left side the next round. And so on. If you can’t complete all 3 thrusters, then your workout is done.

*Scored by heaviest deadlift completed.


Pullup Cycle: Week 1 Day 2



2 Muscle Ups

4 Handstand Pushups

8 Kettlebell Swings @ 2pd/ 1.5 pd


Thursday Skill Day

Dumbbell Snatches &  Burpees per 2018 Open Standard




Dumbbell Snatch @ 50/35#



Pullup Cycle: Week 1 Day 3

Find a 1RM Overhead Squat from the Ground (no rack)



5 Rounds for Time:

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats @ 95/65#

*Time Cap: 28 min


Find a Max Distance Broad Jump


For max reps:

1 min Squats

1 min Push-ups

1 min Box Jumps @ 20”/20”

1 min Pull-ups

1 min Inverted burpees

1 min Wall-ball shots @ 20#/20#

1 min Burpees (2018 Standard)

1 min Double-unders

*Scored by total reps

Video of Coach Glassman briefing this workout.

Compare to Jan. 28th 2017 and Jan. 26th 2016