Training April 8th – 14th


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Strict Handstand Pushup Cycle

Week 2 Day 1



50’ Handstand Walk

15 Burpees

30 Pistols, alternating



For time:

800m Single-Arm Barbell Farmer’s Carry @ 45/35#

31 Toes to Bar

31 Pushups

31 Front Squats @ 95/65#

400m Single-Arm Barbell Farmer’s Carry @ 95/65#

31 Toes to Bar

31 Pushups

31 Hang Power Cleans @ 135/95#

200m Single-Arm Barbell Farmer’s Carry @ 135/95#

*Time Cap: 40 min

*Barbell Farmer’s Carry will be done by holding the bar with only one hand at a time, and that hand will be placed in the center of the barbell. If any part of your bar or bumpers touch the ground, you must stop. No dragging, rolling, or other kinds of weak sauce will be allowed.


Strict Handstand Pushup Cycle

Week 2 Day 2


E2.5MOM for 8 Rounds

8 Back Squats

*Start first round with 0-135 lb (your choice). Work up to an 8RM. If you find your 8RM early, back off 15% and keep working.


50 GHD Situps, throwing a med ball back and forth to a partner.

(50 GHD situps each partner)

Video link.


For time:

400m Team Log Carry

*You must complete Team Log Carry to participate in Obstacle Course.


Obstacle Course

10 Rounds for Time:

2 Zercher Squats @ 225/145#

2 Bound in/out of the tires

1 Over the 4′ wall

1 Crawl Under the Barbell

1 Roll over the Pullup Bar

Cash out: 1 rope climb (15′)

If you’re a little confused, don’t worry. Your coach will make everything clear and help you practice each part.


Strict Handstand Pushup Cycle

Week 2 Day 3


Partner WOD

“Legion of Doom 2018”


4 Handstand Pushups (2018 Open Standard)

6 Box Jump Overs @ 24”/20”

1 Tag Your Partner

Partner 1 completes a full round then Partner 2 completes a full round until 20 minutes have expired.


Teams of 3

“Buddy Bag 2.0”

For time:

800m Run

6 Rope Climbs

20 Power Snatches @ 115/75#

800m Run

9 Rope Climbs

30 Power Snatches @ 115/75#

800m Run

12 Rope Climbs

40 Power Snatches @ 115/75#

*Teams will be assigned a light sandbag. After the workout starts, the sandbag must be carried by a teammate at all times. Trade it between teammates however you desire.  If it touches the ground, all teammates immediately owe 20 Burpees. The sandbag will go on every run and be held by someone during every Rope Climb and Power Snatch. During Rope Climb and Power Snatch, sandbag will be supported by a standing teammate (not sitting, not squatting, not lying) either across the arms or shoulder(s). If you try to find a way to cheat the rules on supporting the sandbag, your team will pay the burpee penalty. Teams must all arrive at a station before anyone can begin work at that station (you gotta stay together).

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