Training April 29th – May 5th


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Bench Press Cycle Week 2 of 6

Warmup Sets

E1.5MOM for 5 Rounds

5 Bench Press

*Everyone’s first set is with the empty bar. Add load gradually until it starts to get heavy.

Working Sets

E2.5MOM for 6 Rounds

5 Bench Press

*Continue building to find your 5RM. Once you find your 5RM, reduce the weight by 15%, and continue doing 5 reps every round until all rounds are complete. 


3 x Submaximal Set of Bar Dips (strict)

*A submaximal set is a set where you almost do the maximum reps possible, but you stop 1-2 reps short before hitting failure. If your first submax set is less than 6 reps, then add a band and use the same band for all sets. If your submax set is greater than 20 reps, add weight via a vest, dumbbell, or dip belt.


Find a 2RM Back Squat

-then- WOD Dec 26th, 2017

4 Rounds

-1 minute of Kettlebell Snatches @ 53/35#

-1 minute of Situps

-1 minute of Walking Lunges

Scored by total reps.


Find a 1RM Power Clean



3 Rounds

800m Run

15 Power Cleans @ 185/125#

Time Cap: 25 min


“Snatch Clinic”

Drills reinforcing the positions of the Snatch.


With a light-moderate load:

Every 30 sec for 6 rounds:

1 Hi-Hang Snatch


Every 30 sec for 6 rounds:

1 Hang Snatch


Every 30 sec for 6 rounds:

1 Snatch


Every 90 sec for 6 rounds:

1 3-Position Snatch


“Lung Clinic”


15 Thrusters @ 95/65#

5 Bar Muscle Ups

-Rest 2 minutes-


30 Double-unders

15 Russian Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53

-Rest 2 minutes-


100m Run

1 Rope Climb


No Classes Today.

Come support our athletes and coaches as they compete in the Black and Brewed Team Competition from 8AM-4PM at Campus 805.

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