Training December 16th- 22nd


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Coan Deadlift Program Week 10

*All Percentages are Calculated from your Goal 1RM, not your current 1RM.

1 set x 1 rep @ 100%



5 rounds
Bench Press: one set of max unbroken reps @ bodyweight/ 80% bodyweight
Strict Pullups: one set of max unbroken reps

*You may rest as needed between rounds. But you will move directly from Bench Press to Strict Pullups without rest, pause, hesitation, contemplation, or procrastination.

*Scored by total reps.


“Jim Bridger”

30 Hang Power Snatches @ 75/55#
800 Meter Run
60 Thrusters @ 75/55#
800 Meter Run
30 Hang Power Snatches @ 75/55#

*Time cap: 25 min


“Team Barbara”

Teams of 2

20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Air Squats

*Only one partner works at a time. Split the reps however desired. Your team must complete all reps of Pullups before moving on to Pushups. And then all Pushups before moving on to Situps…and so on.


“12 Days of Christmas”

Move through the workout like the song 12 Days of Christmas: “On the 1st day of Christmas, CrossFit Impulse gave to me, 1 Tire Flip. On the 2nd day of Christmas, CrossFit Impulse gave to me, 2 Stone to Shoulder and a 25’ Log Carry.” Following this pattern, your last verse will start at 12 Snatches and include every movement, ending with a final 25’ Log Carry.

Time cap: 60 min.

1 Tire Flip
2 Stone to Shoulder @ 173/112-115#
3 Handstand Pushups
4 Goblet Squats @ 70/53#
5 Toes to Bar
6 Pullups
7 Pushups
8 Russian Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53#
9 Wallballs
10 Burpees
11 Thrusters @ 115/75#
12 Snatches @ 115/75#


Feats of Strength”

Can you complete the 3 Festivus Feats of Strength?

  1. Back Squat your bodyweight for a single unbroken set of 20 reps
  2. Complete the Festivus Stone Load Ladder in 30 seconds or less
  3. Handstand Walk 10 feet

*Athletes who complete all 3 Feats of Strength will be honored with a group flex photo around the Festivus Pole

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