Gloves and Tape for CrossFit?

You are welcome to wear gloves or gratuitously tape your hands while working out in our box. But as a general rule, I strongly recommend against both. Here’s why. In many of our days gone by at the Globo-Gym, gloves were as integral to the experience as bench press on Mondays and the yes/no machineContinue reading “Gloves and Tape for CrossFit?”

How to Build a CrossFit Pull Up Station

Our pullup station at CrossFit Impulse is unique.  Actually, it’s one-of-a-kind.  David and I developed the rough plan for it during our trip to Dallas for our CrossFit level 1 certification.  With a sheet of engineer paper and a floorplan of our box (drawn to scale) we bounced ideas, calculated requirements, and I noted ourContinue reading “How to Build a CrossFit Pull Up Station”