Anatomy in 100 Words: The Shoulder

The shoulder is an amazing structure that allows you to powerfully push and pull from almost any angle. The shoulder is all the structures that allow this articulation, including the Humerus (funny bone), Scapula (shoulder blade), Clavicle (collar bone) and all associated tissues. Many very powerful muscles attach at the shoulder such as the Lats,Continue reading “Anatomy in 100 Words: The Shoulder”

Anatomy in 100 Words: Hamstrings

The Hamstrings are a group of muscles in your posterior thigh that flex your knee and extend your hip. Hamstrings are actually three separate muscles: the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris. Where are your hamstrings? The Hamstrings attach to your pelvis on one end and your tibia or fibula on the other. This stretches themContinue reading “Anatomy in 100 Words: Hamstrings”

Anatomy in 100 Words: Location and Movement

Science uses very exacting terms to describe locations and movements of the human body. Many terms only make sense when comparing objects in context (e.g. hand is distal to the elbow). Anterior means “front.” Posterior means “rear.” Superior means “above.” Inferior means “below.” Proximal means “towards the torso.” Distal means “further away.” These generally applyContinue reading “Anatomy in 100 Words: Location and Movement”

The Numbers Behind the CrossFit Games

This past July we had a special opportunity. The 88 fittest men and women in the world competed against each other at the 2010 CrossFit Games and were ranked from first to last. Furthermore, they spilled their guts about their benchmarks and PRs, self-reporting everything from Fran times to 1RM deadlifts. Wondering if we couldContinue reading “The Numbers Behind the CrossFit Games”

The Tank Model of Fitness

// CrossFit’s definition of fitness is as measurable, observable, and repeatable as any you will find. Eschewing the typical vagaries and silly bullshit of the fitness industry, CrossFit does not seek to hide behind words that have little meaning. Rather, CrossFit rigidly defines and captures the concepts that matter most to the science ofContinue reading “The Tank Model of Fitness”