5 thoughts on “Wednesday 4 November

  1. Thanks, EA. Joe did a great job designing it and the Falwells did a great job turning it into vinyl and installing it.

    CrossFit Total wasn’t right for me today. Programmed my own:

    5 Rounds for Time:
    1 legless rope ascent (15 ft)
    5 225 lb deadlifts
    15 ring dips

    Time: 7:25

    I should have challenged myself with a heavier load on deadlift. Ring dips were the limiting factor. After WOD I did deadlift triples with loads of 275-315-315-315.

  2. Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

    185-205-225 (4 reps)-225-205

    On my 4th rep on 225, I just had to rack and regroup. I went for 225 again but I wasn’t completely happy with my form. I decided to drop the weight on the last round and concentrate on my form. It was much better.

    3 rounds
    10-15 Double-unders (for practice)
    10 OHS with PVC
    10 push-ups
    10 GHD sit-ups

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