3 thoughts on “Sunday 8 November

  1. Did yesterdays WOD. Wanted to test my programming. I think it was sound.

    Four Rounds for Time of
    -30 box jumps (males: 20″ box, females: 16″ box)
    -15 back squats (males: body weight, females: 60% body weight)

    As Rx’d with 165 lbs, time 12:36. Congrats to David for a solid win in this one.

  2. 12:39 was my time on this WOD — modified 12″ box and 61lb back squat. Overall, this was a great/tough workout… thanks Jeff for making it hurt 🙂

  3. Did yesterday’s WOD with Jeff, Christina, and Angie.

    4 rounds for time:
    30 box jumps (20″)
    15 body weight back squats (145-lbs)

    Time as Rx’d was 11:52.

    Thanks for the congrats Jeff.

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