8 thoughts on “Friday 19 November

  1. I love to see people that are 40+ pushing it hard in the gym!! Very motivational.

  2. David also does well even though he’s over 30 and has 1 foot in the grave. (well, at least a pinky toe)

  3. Look at Joe gettin after it!

    Cant make it to the Friday class…So did a WOD at work.
    5 rounds
    Body Weight max Bench Press (175#’s)and Max Pull-ups.

    Total reps 66/71… Def not a PR, but felt good. Should be there in the morning!

  4. Lots of hard work on deadlift tonight. I really enjoyed coaching Joe, Melissa, and Angie. Great PRs by everyone and some solid form dialed in.

    My WOD


    Not a PR. Had to dial back my load as I was losing form quickly above 400. Tried the hook grip. Hated it.

  5. Alright high was 255 lbs. but form wasn’t to dial in. I am gonna have to work on that but it’s all in my head. Hope everyone else blows by me soon. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the AM.

  6. Impressed by the effort on deadlift by everyone today! Great job.

    I did yesterday’s WOD with John Prince (FB friend)

    20 AMRAP
    15 Pullups
    15 Box jumps (20″)
    15 KB Swings (1.5 Pood)
    15 Double Unders

    6 1/2 rounds completed

    On pullups, I started with jumping and with to band assisted about half way through. I was doing 30 jumping by did 15 band assisted. I am still having some shoulder pain so I am trying to take it easy on the shoulder. Kipping is one of the main things that aggravates it. John kicked my butt with 7 rounds.

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