11 thoughts on “Saturday 21 November

  1. OK so I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna suck. Sorry I missed the 1730 class but I was at the 1845 class. I hope I see a lot of you guys in the morning, I am looking forward to pushing myself in the AM.

  2. Sorry I couldnt make it in today, I just had a lot to do to get ready for my trip. Is there anyway they would let me workout at the Crossfit in Las Vegas? just shoot me an email when u can

  3. Good workout to all. I am glad there was a lot of people that showed up. Hopefully Sunday’s WOD is just as bad, then two rest days for me so I can get ready to try and beat my brother.

  4. My bad only one rest day brother wants to crossfit Tuesday and Wednesday with me as well. Wednesday he wants to do J.T.

    My time on my WOD today was 9:39 (s)

  5. Good effort from everyone. The HSPUs are obviously a challenge for beginners. Many of you tackled them with confidence. Congrats to Jakub for challenging himself with 45 lbs on weighted pullups and really burning through the WOD despite the load. Congrats to Brandon for getting his first HSPU.

    Oh, we have new leaders in Tabata squats. Check the leader-board next time you’re in.

    Rest day for me.

  6. Highly impressed with everyone’s performance from today and yesterday!

    Today I did tabata squats 8 rounds for time — a workout that most of you guys are familiar with πŸ™‚ Only able to complete 15 rounds this time around — I think my legs are still sore from Sunday πŸ™‚

    In the afternoon the WOD was FRAN — time limit was 10 mins — unfortunately I was unable to get it under 10 with 55lb Thrusters… maybe next time!

    Overall, great experience and I have truly learned a lot today! Looking forward to tomorrow — unless they repeat Fran I should be okay πŸ™‚

  7. Way to go Christina. Keep up the good work. To bad you couldn’t knock Fran out in under ten but you’ll get there soon enough. Keep your head held high. You are doing more than any of us could and I salute you for your efforts.

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