10 thoughts on “Sunday 22 November

  1. Thanks…I was completely wrecked after I finished it and the 3 min PR makes me wonder if I gave it all I had last time I did it???

  2. OK so that one sucked bad. I finished 3 rounds with 100 lbs. squat plus 15 burpees

  3. Way to work hard today Tristan. I am glad that I didn’t have to do this one alone!

    Completed 5 1/2 rounds as Rx’d.

  4. Incredible effort from David and Tristan today. Nothing left in the tank when they finished. Nice Angie PR, Jakub! 3 minutes is quite a difference. What’s the most challenging portion of it for you? For me it’s the pushups. I can rep out pullups consistently, but it fatigues me badly, so when I start the pushups I am reduced to performing them in triples by #70 or so.

    I took another rest to try to get my shoulder feeling 100% again. Trying to take the long-term view even though I want it badly.

  5. Thanks David and Jeff. My tank was as empty as it could be after that one, I am sure you felt the same way David. Glad I didn’t have to do this alone. Your momentum keep me going way past where I thought I would finish.

  6. Jeff, this is life long for us. I am glad to see you’re not being stupid 100% of the time….you’re taking the 20% approach. I suffer from the same thing all the time with my shoulder and back. It is difficult to take extra rest days at times because you do want it bad.

    Tristan, I am glad I helped motivate you during the workout. I was struggling too! It hard.

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