9 thoughts on “Wednesday 25 November

  1. This was a tough one for sure, harder than it sounds!

    Time: 20:41
    Steps: I lost count after about 10 (or whenever it started to hurt)

  2. Used the ~400m course Jeff paced off in their neighborhood.

    Time: 17:25
    Steps: 364

  3. Great work from Andy, Joe, Greg, and Clark on this WOD! Tristan and Breshan (spelling?) worked their butts off doing J.T.!

    My results for today:
    Time: 13:56
    Steps: 388

    Jeff, based on Christina’s and Angie’s steps compared to mine, I think your course may be a little short or I miss counted my steps. I am pretty sure I have a longer stride than them.

  4. I measured the course at my house tonight and it is 100′ short. I made up the missed walking lunges and it required an extra 26 steps and 40 seconds (fresh). Had that extra 100′ been tacked on the end of my ~370m course earlier, it probably would have taken me 60-80 seconds.

    I’ll call my adjusted score 12:20 with 382 steps.

    Great work from everyone on the walking lunges and JT. I know these lunges hurt. Way to push through.

  5. Alright so I am hurting and Breshen is too. I am glad you guys helped us through this one. J.T. is heel. I suggest you guys dont try this one. Anyway now I have to beat my brother’s time. Good workout for al of us. I would rather do the one you did tonight than J.T.

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