12 thoughts on “Tuesday 24 November

  1. Not the greatest looking form in that picture there, huh? ha.

    This is absolutely one of my favorite workouts and I hope I can make it tonight!

  2. Andy, I don’t think your form looks bad at all. Sure, you could be bringing your shoulders back and holding a tighter lumbar curve. But you’re not doing the halloween cat rounded back. You were on the last round of a ~30 min WOD. You were extremely fatigued (like all of us). You’re using hip extension to get velocity on the bar, which is good. You were planting your feet quickly and aggressively, which is good. I think it’s a great capture of the 90% solution.

  3. Worked out at the UFC after class.

    Shoulder Press
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    I was disappointed with this load, as it is a good bit less than my 1RM on shoulder press, but it became very difficult towards the end. I underestimated the difficulty of this WOD. I should have warmed up more and put up 151 for my first two reps as well. Live and learn. Missed being at CFI tonight. See everyone tomorrow.

  4. It was tough seeing my numbers so low compared to 5 months ago, but encouraging to totally waste my shoulders. I’ll be sore tomorrow. All my fails were on the last rep!

    Shoulder Press
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

  5. Another good night at CrossFit Impulse!

    I did yesterday’s WOD.

    4 rounds for time:
    800m run
    10 Hang Power Cleans (135-lbs)

    I scaled the HPC’s to 115-lbs

    Time: 19:07

  6. Sorry I missed last night. We had to work late to try and find someone to join the Navy. Didn’t happen and I missed my WOD. Tonight I will be there with my brother trying J.T. Hope everyone has a good holiday and I will see most of you this weekend I hope.

  7. Started at 75lb and scaled down from there somewhere around 10-15 pounds less each failure so the weight wasn’t necessarily consistent this time around. Next starting point on this one should probably be close to 75 if not slightly under.

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