6 thoughts on “Saturday 28 November

  1. 22.22 (s)

    Deadlift: 111 lbs
    Bench Press: 51 lbs (used two 18″ boxes for bench with 25 lb bumpers for foot support)
    Clean: 36 lbs

  2. As Rx’d 26:06

    DL: 275#, BP: 185#, SC: 135#

    Last time I did Linda I did it with Power Cleans in 24:25 which is much easier so I am really happy with my time today.


    Help move my ex out of my house: 1 hour 30 minutes…this was a PR for sure!!!

  3. Melissa, thanks for the idea on using the plyo boxes as a bench. I noticed they interfere with your elbows a little, but otherwise looked like a great solution.

    Jakub, only 1.5 minutes longer for full squat cleans is definitely an improvement. I guess you definitely had some motivation to get through with your second WOD as quickly as possible. I bet you hope that WOD doesn’t come around again for a while.

    As Rx’d 25:12, body weight = 168 lb

    DL: 250 lb, BP: 165 lb, C: 125 lb

  4. Sure thing. Most men will have an easier time with the plyo boxes in place of a bench since they have wider shoulder frames, but it works in a pinch. Make sure to put a cloth over the edges of the sides of the box or you will get a nasty burn on the insides of your upper arm.

  5. Jakub… I am highly impressed with your second WOD of the day… that will be a PR hopefully for awhile 🙂

    Everyone did really well yesterday on the WOD!!!

    Did a home workout:
    4 rounds for time:
    20 – Deadlift pullups (kettle bell 20lb)
    20 – American Kettle bell swings 20lbs
    20 – situps without securing my feet
    400m run

    Time:19:57 — goal was to keep it under 20 mins — barely made it!

  6. 35:45

    155lb deadlift
    115lb bench
    75lb squat clean

    The cleans were tough because my legs were still weak from the walking lunges, and I had to take a lot of breaks. I feel like that was a good weight, but I could have moved faster with fresh legs.

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