6 thoughts on “Sunday 29 November

  1. Scaled as follows:
    3 rounds of
    – 75 lb snatch x21
    – L-pullups x21


    Enjoyed training with everyone today while David and Christina coached. Great work from all.

  2. Scaled:
    3 rounds of
    – 33lb snatch x 21
    – jumping knee raise pullups + negatives x 21
    My first time doing snatches… 6 months ago I wasn’t flexible enough to even do 1 overhead squat!

  3. Andy I feel like I owe you some pullups for accidentally stealing your box you had set up. Sorry about that. Won’t happen again.

    3 rounds
    -1 round with light bar snatch x 21
    -2 rounds with weighted pvc snatch x21
    -3 rounds grey band knee raise pullups (semi jumping) x15


    The leg strength is the biggest hurdle right now for me for the snatch. It’s these gangly long appendages that sap leverage. Glad we got to do some pullups today.

  4. Scaled:
    3 rounds of
    – 33lb snatch x 21
    – jumping knee raise pullups + negatives x 21

    Before this workout I ran 2.5 miles with a time of 17:06. I have a feeling my legs will feel this tomorrow.

    Good workout from everyone. Was glad with everyone finishing.

  5. Just want to say that everyone worked really hard today and it showed! I may sound like a broken record everyday with commending you all for a job well done… Let’s just make it clear that I will give you praise unless I truly believe you earned it. With that said, today everyone earned it!

    Modified “Linda” —
    135lb Deadlift
    95lb Back squat
    GHDs touching a 12″ box

    Time: 30:47 — one of the toughest workouts I have done thus far!

  6. Andy, Tristan, Wendy, and Mike, nice work today. You all were impressive for the first time with the snatch. It is a complex movement that takes a long time to perfect.

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