8 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 December

  1. I did a little baby WOD today on my grandmother’s sidewalk and in her living room.

    I did 150 double-unders in 5:57.

    4 rounds for time:
    25 pushups
    25 sit-ups
    25 squats
    25 kb swings (26-lbs)
    Time: 11:41

    Not much but it was something to get the heart rate up a little!

  2. Way to keep it up on the road David.

    I was thinking, maybe we should get another whiteboard because I think we could add some more competitions:

    1. 500m row
    2. 1000m row
    2. Consecutive pullups
    3. Consecutive ring dips
    4. Consecutive pushups
    5. Muscle-ups
    etc I am sure we could think of more…

    Just an idea…

  3. Andy, we’ve got that in the works. I agree, I’d like to track more leaderboards than we currently have room for.

  4. Mike got doubleunders tonight on every third jump. Andy practiced some jumping muscle ups. Scott hit a big PR of 225 lb on front squat. Huge night for everyone. Good work.

  5. Andy, I agree. I think we can handle putting up another white board.

    I hate that I am missing all of the PR(s) and hard work but I know there will be more to come in a CrossFit gym. We are all about setting records and working hard.

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