11 thoughts on “Tuesday 22 December

  1. That cost me 36:16 and my lunch.

    Yea, sorry about that. I’ll bring a shovel tomorrow to clean up the gravel out back.

  2. Mike, I think the rain and birds will take care of the mess out back. I wouldn’t worry with a shovel.

    We’ve never had someone puke after a WOD. We’ve also never had someone puke during a WOD. Tonight we got both. Incredible performance from Jason with the prescribed loads at sub 16 minutes. Also an incredible performance by Mike and Angela, who grunted through the WOD in the face of adversity.

    My second mini-WOD of the day:
    3 Rounds
    -25 GHD situps
    -50 hip/back extensions

    Time 10:03

    I was walking funny after this one.

  3. Oh, don’t want to forget Andy and Tristan knocking people off the leaderboard before the WOD. That’s the attitude I like to see. Is someone on the leaderboard and you can lift a heavier load? Then they shouldn’t be in your spot! Load the bar, move the load, and claim your spot!

  4. OK so before the WOD’s I almost got my ass kicked by a Marine Officer, sorry Jeff.

    1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Back Squat

    Tonight’s WOD 21:54(s) this one sucked. PU were band assisted otherwise as Rx’d
    Tossed my cookies out back too and looking forward to doing this again. Glad I pushed myself that far. Good job to everyone.

  5. Agreed Tristan, I was glad to be pushed to the edge like that as well.

    Though I will say that I think my diet may have slightly contributed to my intestinal transgressions. Lunch today was
    a little heavy on the stomach. I only made it 2/3rds through the burpees before I was feeling thurpee.

  6. Man, it sounds like I am really missing out. I am glad to hear you all are having some much fun with “Pukie”. I also like the fact we have some friendly competitions going for spots on the whiteboard. Awesome! I miss it and look forward to getting back.

    Tristan, I need more details on the ass kicking from a Marine Officer. You can send me an email on FB.

  7. My time was 25:46, or something close to that.

    Sub: 1 pood on KB Swings, and 90 singles for the 30 double unders…

    However, for the first time in a WOD, I didn’t scale the pullups. I did all 30 kipping pullups. Booyah. That was a win for me.

    Also did front squats to get up to #1 on the board (200lbs), but that might change today it seems 🙂

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