5 thoughts on “Tuesday 29 December

  1. Worked on back squat this afternoon.
    315×1 (PR)
    325×1 (F)
    320×1 (PR)

    I think this 15 lb PR is almost entirely due to some differences in my back squat that I implemented today after reading the squat section of Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength.” In sum, before the changes my shoulders were not activated enough, the bar was not low enough, my grip was too wide, my stance was slightly too wide, and I was not holding my breath early enough. I look forward to sharing my conclusions with everyone next time we work back squat. Also anticipating that the rest of the book may reveal chinks in my other barbell maneuvers.

  2. Missing the WODs, but I have a little head cold and figured y’all didn’t care for me to share.

  3. 24:14. I am ashamed to post this but that is the accountability part of CF. I definitely found a weakness that needs work tonight. I think I went to strong out of the gun and got wasted. I felt horrible about half way through. This was my first ever attempt at 5k row. I know more of what to expect next time. Maybe I should take some lessons from Hudson. Kudos to him for finishing sub 20 minutes!

    1. Look on the bright side David, you’ve got a big pr out there once you get into a rowing groove. I found the rower likes a two things – power and power early in the stroke. Speed is important, but not so much as a really powerful thrust from the bottom. Watch your 30 min avg time to track the difference in stroke (or watts if that is your setting). It helps me to remember to keep a flat back and rip the handle up from the machine as if I was power cleaning, frankly 90% of the output is in the first 30-50% of the stroke (from my unscientific observations). Any huge pulling or effort at the end of the stroke doesn’t payout in performance given what you put into it with energy.

      Also, in a long row like this I like to play games to keep up the pace and track my time. For example, today I wanted to maintain or push out whatever my first 500m was less than 2 min. Turns out it was 1:47, or 13 seconds. Each 500m I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing that 13 second “advantage” over the 2 min split. As the row continued I was able to add 1-3 seconds per 500m through the end meaning I kept a 2 min or better pace per 500m throughout the row.

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