3 thoughts on “Thursday 31 December

  1. Thanks David for opening the gym yesterday. And, thanks for not letting me workout alone! Great WOD to end 2009.

    I did this in 33:34. Pushups were killer. I fully think I could complete this one as Rx’d now, but my hand tore open during pullup #63. At 63 kipping pullups, this is 33 more than I have ever done and I am pretty pumped about my progress on pullups since joining CFI. I scaled the last 37 pullups to jumping ones.

    Happy New Year!

  2. That’s some awesome progress, Andy. In mid November you wouldn’t have stood a chance of doing 63 honest pullups in any reasonable amount of time. In another month you’ll be able to do Angie as RX’d. It’s motivating to see how much you and some of our other initial clients have progressed.

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