5 thoughts on “Tuesday 5 January

  1. Five rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    50 ABMAT Sit-ups
    25 Good Mornings (45 lbs)

    Time 26:17

    Situps were the toughest. 50 situps is just a lot. I think I’d have rather done 25 GHDs.

  2. Five rounds for time:
    400m run
    25 GHD situps (or 50 abmat situps)
    25 Hip extensions (or 25 good mornings @ 45-lbs)

    I alternated between abmat situps and GHD situps. Round 1 was abmat and good mornings. Round 2 was as Rx’d. Round 3 was GHD situps and good mornings. Round 4 was abmat situps and good mornings. Round 5 was abmat situps and good mornings. The hip extensions are rough on my low back issue so I choose primarily good mornings. And I was sharing the GHD with Lisa during the WOD. I enjoyed working out with the Finks (Patrick and Lisa). Nice work to both of you! Glad to see Melissa back with us too.

    Time: 25:38

  3. DNF. Boooo. I completed round 5 run, but was suffering from one of the worst headaches I have ever had (+ dizziness) and couldn’t complete the GHD’s/Hip Extensions. I think it was due to the constant movement of my head up and down.

    Kudos to Christina for making me stop. It took me about 2 hours to fully recover.

  4. 22:16 as prescribed. I’d have to say the situps and good mornings were probably a tougher substitute for the rx’d. Enjoyed the workout w/ D, Lisa, and Melissa.

  5. Andy,

    those headaches suck. I’ve noticed that some of our guys and gals get them from hyper-extending the neck at the bottom of the GHD sit-up, or whipping the eyes all the way back to the ground. Try directing your gaze toward your feet, keeping the neck neutral for the entire movement next time and see if that helps.

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