9 thoughts on “Monday 4 January

  1. Did a substitute WOD to ease my shoulder back into intense workouts

    3 Rounds:
    20 dead hang pullups
    500m row
    75 squats

    Time: 19:28

    Congrats to Chris on his first muscle up!

  2. 28:40(s) Can’t do a muscle up yet so did the pull-ups and dips on the rack with a box. Ripped my hand open again on the final set so had to go to band to not destroy it to much more. Good workout overall. Glad I ripped my hand again. Thanks David for cleaning the blood up and calling about my uniform.

    Good work Mike on pushing through no matter how much it hurt. You made me want to do this one again with you.

  3. 32:35 (s). Subbed BA pullups and ring dips for muscle ups. This is the first workout I thought I was going to puke afterwards. Lisa had to drive home. Looking forward to the next time!

  4. whoo hoo! Thanks Jeff, I was really pleased to do my first real (6) MUs after the WOD.

    For the WOD: 14:20 , sub w/ jumping muscle ups.

  5. That was a good one.

    36:15. Subbed muscle ups with pullups + dips on the rack (no box). The squats were killer.

    Got a PR of Kipping Pullups: had 4 unbroken walking in to 10 unbroken kipping walking out.

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