4 thoughts on “Wednesday 6 January

  1. Wow rough workout today! Did five rounds with 50 wall balls at 10lbs and 10 deadhang pullups. I am recovering from a shoulder injury and I am try to work my way slowly back into kipping pullups. Did this modified version in 33:40. I am positive my legs and arms are going to be wasted tomorrow 😉 It feels good to be back though even if I have to do some tremendous scaling.

  2. Rest day for me. Awesome classes tonight. Whether you completed 150, 200, or 250 wall ball shots, congratulations. These longer WODs are certainly tough, but it’s a time domain we have to visit. Had lots of torn hands. Mike performed 50 legit pullups tonight. A month ago he could perform none. Shellie and Clark are really improving their squat depth. Mark and Russ took the #1 and #2 spots on the leaderboard in Tabata squats after Fundamentals 1. Lots of life changing fitness going on.

  3. Rest day for me. I couldn’t summarize the night any better than Jeff!

  4. 27:50, did 4 rounds. Subbed band assisted pullups to give my should and torn hand some time to rest and that was a good call.

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