Thursday 7 January

“Grannie” (yes, I made that up)

For time:

50 Double Unders

10 Power Clean and Jerk

40 Double Unders

8 Power Clean and Jerk

30 Double Unders

6 Power Clean and Jerk

20 Double Unders

4 Power Clean and Jerk

10 Double Unders

2 Power Clean and Jerk


Male PC&J Load: 135 lbs

Female PC&J Load: 80 lbs

5 thoughts on “Thursday 7 January

  1. 8:57 as Rx’d. I should have pushed harder on the jerks at the beginning. I didn’t realize how quickly they’d become small in number. I liked this WOD. As always, mental focus on the DUs while tired was the most difficult part of performing them. Disappointed I didn’t perform closer to my goal of 8 minutes.

    Enjoyed working out with the class. If Chris is still doing singles when Christina gets to the box tomorrow to teach then I’ll make sure she tells him to go ahead and call it good.

  2. Yeah I did a scaled WOD, substituting 150 singles for every round of DU. It will teach me to pay attention to the WOD for now on. 17 min something I think. Really enjoyed tonight, lots of fun. Before the WOD, practiced MUs and did about 6 or so.

  3. 8:32 (scaled). I used 115-lbs for the power clean and jerk because overhead is weak for me right now. I have not been able to work overhead very much over the course of the past year from shoulder surgery/injuries. It felt really nice to press something over head again. I hope to start working some overhead movements back into the mix without pain. Kudos to Jeff for programming a nice workout.

  4. 9:16 scaled (105lb, first time at PCJs). I think I’ve finally got DUs figured out; thanks for the tips Jeff. Fun WOD.

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