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  1. I decided to add 5×5 deadlift to this workout. I did front squat, then rested about 1 min, then deadlift, then rested about 3.5-4 minutes before repeating. Loads were
    FS 185-205-205-205-205
    DL 315-315-315-315-315

    205 works out to be 84% of my front squat 1RM of 245
    315 works out to be 75% of my deadlift 1RM of 420

    Rippetoe recommends 80-85% of 1RM for 5×5 sets, so I’m happy with those numbers. I think I have been setting my hips too high in deadlift, contributing to a rounded back b/c my scapulas were actually forward of the bar and my back was too close to parallel. I experimented with setting my hips lower, which pulled my shoulder and scapulas back towards the bar, and this seems to help.

  2. 175-180-185-190-195

    After this I worked to beat my prior PR of 205.


    Glad with my PR of 225.

  3. I’m not going to try to count everyone that PR’d on 5RM or 1RM front squat tonight. I think it was pretty much everyone that did the workout. Literally, I started to congratulate all of you, but typed 8 names and decided to stop or I’d leave someone out. Regardless, it was extremely motivating to see so many people make new personal bests. Got to see Melissa do a set of 5 with her then 1RM. Greg took #1 spot on the leaderboard with a new PR…overall just incredible work from everyone.

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