7 thoughts on “Thursday 14 January

  1. Didn’t get to come sorry I missed this one. Did a workout with all my kids waiting to go to boot camp. Not for time but to build unit cohesion.

    1 mile run
    100 push-ups
    200 crunches
    300 tabata squats
    1 mile run

    See you guys at the box soon.

  2. as Rx’d, time of 29:51 – 6:00 of handstand holds = 23:51

    This was very challenging and fun. Heart and lungs had plenty left. Rest periods were required because of muscle fatigue. My walking on hands was pretty ugly, but I got in some good skill work and am better at handstands and hand walking than I was this morning. BTW, I did two full minutes of handstand holds, which means I stopped counting time when I’d go down for rest. Just wanting to confirm that was the Rx’d method.

  3. Nice work tonight at the 5:30 class. We had several people improve their skills in the handstand arena and everyone grunted through this one. I continue to see great progress in everyone! It makes we work harder.

    I did the WOD at 6:45 because no one showed up.

    34:45 – 6 min of handstand holds = 28:45

    Jeff, this was apparently not my chance. As usual, this was much more difficult than I expected. The 1st round wasn’t too bad but by the end of it I was struggling with walking on my hands. It got ugly in a hurry! I also felt it a lot in my low back from too much arch in my back during all of these movements. I also did two full minutes of handstand holds by not counting the time I was resting. I found it difficult to hold much more than 30-45 seconds. The shoulders were toast.

  4. I hear ya, David. Perhaps we should have anticipated that higher work capacity across the board could overcome specialization. BTW, by the third round I was pushing myself to hold in 15 second increments. My very last hold was ~7 seconds. HSPUs were sinful after all the static holding.

  5. My time was 28:24 – 6min = 22:24

    I subbed the bear crawls for walking handstands, and I didn’t find those to be that bad actually. Pain in the wrist, but not too bad.

    By the third time on the handstand holds I had nothing left, so I held for two minutes on the GHD machine.

    All HS Pushups were also on the GHD machine. My shoulders were toast, but I do not feel any more pain in my rotator cuff the last few days, so I am pretty excited about that.

  6. Andy, I had the same experience with this WOD taking away shoulder pain. I expected my bad shoulder to be trashed, but it feels better and stronger than ever!

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