14 thoughts on “Monday 18 January

  1. Deadlift

    405×1, 425×1 (PR), 435×1 (PR)

    BTW, Christina jumped on a 18″ box today for the first time. If you know how challenging box jumps are for her mentally then you know that’s a lot more impressive than me deadlifting 435 lbs.

  2. Christina! I’m so proud of you!! Amazing job! =] Oh, and you too Jeff. 😉 I miss you guys! Unfortunately daycare goes from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Tony leaves for Florida soon so I won’t have anyone to rely on to watch the little one. I’m trying to work something out with a friend though, so hopefully that works out! I really want to get back in to the box! Everyone is doing so excellent! Keep up the outstanding work!

  3. 315-315-315-315-275
    Set four looked horrible so to maintain proper form I dropped down I PR’d yesterday a lot so I am taking a week off dealift. Good job to everyone tonight in the box.

  4. 275-275-275-275-275

    Harder than I expected, and I was feeling quite weak today. I came in expecting to try and PR for 1RM, but was really tired after the last two sets. Need better sleep.

  5. 135-135-135-135-135 were my loads today. Good workout for me today.

    rowed 500 meters 2:15
    ran 800 meters
    Did a pretty heavy warm up with box jumps, med ball cleans, ohs, kbs, and an assortment of other things 🙂

    After WOD I worked on box jumps… which I hate and therefore have to work on the most! I was able to jump consistently on a 18″ box today — I sounded like a crazy person while I did it, but I got it done 🙂 Thanks Jeff for your support and coaching!

    Great job to everyone today… keep pushing!

  6. Many good numbers on deadlift today. I am glad to see everyone continuing to get better. Congrats to those who got PR(s)!

    Rest day for me.

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