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  1. 16:03

    Don’t know if I wanna say as Rx’d or not. Started squats with a ball for target but Jeff called me out on it not being low enough. Got rid of the ball but I was so use to the depth he had to call out a lot of my squats as far as depth. First workout with ring dips as Rx’d. Tomorrow is a rest day now.

  2. Rest day for me. This looked tough for everyone. Chris blew through it with a great time. Everyone grunted through the back squats, which were definitely difficult in such high reps. Tristan, you did well on squats after getting rid of the ball. You’ll be much better off learning to feel full depth without the ball. Nobody, including myself, does it right every time, but we should all be able to feel full depth without a ball as an aid. You managed it well.

    BTW, I fear I may have created a monster(s) by teaching everyone to use the ball to learn to judge squat depth. While it is a good judge of squat depth, it is not the definition of a full depth squat. It does not matter if you are squashing the ball with your ass so much that it deforms. What matters is whether your hip joint comes below your knee joint, a.k.a. femur breaks parallel with the ground, a.k.a. crease of thigh and midsection drops below top of knee. If the ball doesn’t allow you to meet that definition then throw it out.

    This is similar to if we placed a block of wood under your accelerator pedal to help you judge how far you’d probably have to press the pedal to go 55 mph. If you’re pressing against the block of wood but only going 35 mph then get rid of the block of wood! How fast you go is what counts. The exercise fairy doesn’t exist, and if she did she wouldn’t give a damn about the block of wood or the medicine ball. She just cares that you are driving 55 mph and doing full depth squats (but not necessarily at the same time).

  3. Sorry Jeff didnt mean to cause a rant. Good point about the ball I found that out. Ball is out and full depth is in but it won’t be at 55mph.

  4. Tristan, rant is not directed at anyone, and certainly not you. Just wanted to share the information I’ve been mulling over since having to red light Scott’s front squat PR even though he touched the ball.

  5. Jeff, I can take some of the blame as well with creating the ball monster. I totally agree. We all should be able to feel full depth of the squat. That is part of the “big picture”. I probably won’t try a full depth squat at 55 mph but I bet your ass I can do one at 25 mph on the water (of course non-weighted)!

  6. All this talk of ball monsters and exercise fairies is somewhat frightening. I’m seriously reconsidering my membership to CrossfitLSD.

    WOD after my basketball game: ~11:00 min. based on the oven timer cooking my chicken.
    subbed 2x squats
    subbed 1.5x box dips
    subbed 1.5x situps

  7. LOL Patrick.

    19:25. I did Rx’d load (195), but I did leg assist some on ring dips after first set. The GHDs continue to give me vertigo or something. I still haven’t recovered 100% from the headache it gave (and it is now 16 hours later).

    I’ll be looking for some tips/suggestions on GHDs. If anyone else finds some resources, let me know.

  8. Patrick, nice substitutes for a home WOD! I don’t particularly enjoy basketball, but sports like it, soccer, and football are good at building the phosphagen and glycolytic pathways. Think about it: tons of short sprints and explosive movements followed by periods of relative rest. Combining sports with CrossFit training will accomplish a lot in a hurry.

    I see that I should expound on the fitness fairy a little bit. I think I’ll write a post about her.

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