10 thoughts on “Tuesday 2 February

  1. Many CrossFit WODs are deceiving in their difficulty. This may be the most. Life changes significantly about 200 meters into the first backwards run. I’m told the change is similar in magnitude to having a baby.

  2. 12:12. Really frustrating workout. No rest but still slower than I wanted it. Really don’t know how to make up any time on this one.

  3. This was an unusual WOD, and I was really pleased that so many athletes showed up to try it. The backwards run is a beast. Nice job to Hudson and Jordan for taking #1 on the leaderboard. Additionally, Jordan’s time was faster than all but two of the men–incredible.

    My time: 13:26

  4. 13:42

    Kudos to Jordan for coming back strong on the backwards run and beating me to the back door! Damn girl!

  5. 13:36

    This one was crazy! My legs are still on fire! Thanks to David for pushing me. I like having someone to chase.

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