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  1. Good class this morning! Had 5 athletes plus 1 spectator. Way to grind through a long, tough, heavy WOD. Jordan became the first lady to perform a muscle up at CrossFit Impulse. We certainly didn’t play a part in getting her to that point, but I have a feeling that this may chip at the egos of some of the guys, and MU attempts may become more common over the next couple months. Was extremely impressed with Tristan’s improvement in ring dip capacity.

    My WOD:

    Made up the double under/back extension WOD from about a week ago:

    3 Rounds
    -50 double unders
    -50 back extensions (performed hip extensions)

    Time: 7:21

    Round 1 and 2 DUs were money. Round 1 unbroken. Round 2 had first 40 unbroken. Round 3 was a train wreck. Linked 20 in the middle, but all others were in 2s and 3s. Lost my all my time there, and wasn’t able to best Patrick at 7:14. My WOD log is quickly becoming a fail blog as our athletes overtake me, but I can be happy about that in a different way.

  2. Thrusters sub 75#
    13 MU’s then decided to go to ring dips and pull-ups after failing over and over again.

    Time: 48:23

  3. 3 Rounds
    50 double unders
    30 GHD situps
    20 pullups

    Time: 10:30

    Double unders came much better this afternoon than this morning.

  4. 24:08 (scaled 135lb for thrusters)

    Also, Thanks Dave for making me rep out 3 then 2 on the thrusters. They were tough to do after the run.

  5. 20:11 Rxd. Did thrusters off a rack. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Tough WOD but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Saw a lot of hard work in the gym today. Christina did an especially good job. I tried to catch her but it just wasn’t meant to be.

    1. You did great!!! I was really hoping as a trainer that you would pass me… as an athlete I was glad I was able to push ahead and stay on top 🙂 Mixed feelings yesterday.

  6. Sorry so late to post been on the road all day back and forth to Nashville.

    44:14 for me. Subbed 115 thrusters and did the MU sub. Started on the rings for ring dips but about halfway through had to go to box dips cause my tri’s were shot and there was no way this WOD was gonna be completed unless I accepted defeat on the rings and move to a stable plain. Good work to everyone and had fun with everyoe this morning. Thanks Jordan for pushing through this crazy time for both of us.

    tomorrow’s a rest day for me.

  7. 39:32

    Subbed the ring dips and pullups for the muscle ups. 135lb on the thrusters. This was the first time I completed all ring dips legit, no jumping assistance, so I will call that a win.

    I am increasingly dissatisfied with my cardio endurance and I think it was the key for my bad time today. I talked with David tonight, and he was cool with me adding running training in the mornings. I think I will train for a 5k in the mornings 2/3 times a week and add that to my 3 day on – 1 day off crossfit schedule. I am happier with strength gains but I really need to work on my cardio weakness.

  8. Everyone worked hard this afternoon. Clark showed some strength in pull-ups. He is no longer using a band. Hudson and Micheal pushed through the thrusters as rx’d. Chris made the muscle-ups look easy. Christina finished strong. Shellie did some green band pullups. Another good day at CFI.

    I took the third rest day now. My shoulder is inflamed from the overhead work I did last week. I am going to give it a week or more to heal. In the meantime, I will be doing a lot of air squats.

  9. This one felt unusually bad for some reason…Muscle ups were hit and miss.

    Thrusters Rx’d
    Round 1,2,3…4 Muscle ups and 3 pull ups/Dips
    Round 4 and 5…1 Muscle up and 12 pull ups/Dips

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