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  1. 26 + 5 reps. Spent the whole time trying to keep up with Jeff.

    Thanks again Jeff for the help on the back squats

  2. 15 Rx. The Chief should be promoted to Master Chief. I didn’t even think I was going to make it.

  3. “The Chief” was a great workout. I really enjoy these types of WODs.
    5-4-4-4-4 with 61lbs & reg. pushups

    Total rounds completed: 21

    The air squats were the most difficult part for me. Rest kept getting shorter and shorter to ensure I got the fourth round complete. Really enjoyed this one in a sick kind of way 🙂

  4. OK everyone, please do not kick me out of Crossfit Impulse….

    I worked out with a board member today. He created the workout. We did a circuit of stationary bike, flyes (oh my goodness!), lat pulldowns, and then we did some like plank things. ha.

    Good rest day I suppose 🙂

    1. Andy, first the good: Constantly varied can mean anything. Whatever the WOD, as CrossFitters we should be willing to try it and kick its ass!

      Now the bad: [sarcasm and ridicule] Where’s the bicep curls? Surely you guys could have used one more non-functional globo-gym movement? Maybe some wrist curls? Really shock those tarsals and metatarsals! Perhaps a few bouts on the inner/outer thigh machine (aka the “yes/no” machine)? Don’t forget to really squeeze those pec flys on the contraction. What are you doing tomorrow to isolate your subclavius? [/sarcasm and ridicule]

      Sorry, it would not be in my nature to pass up an opportunity such as that.

  5. Hudson, I’m just glad the back squat advice helped. When Mike G gave me the same advice at my level 1 Cert my back squat PR was 295. I immediately came home and hit 305 the next week. I’ve now advanced to 320, and I think hip drive out of the bottom has played a large part. Rippetoe talks about pretending that you have a chain attached to your ass that’s pulling it up towards the ceiling from the bottom of the squat.

    My results for “The Chief”

    6+5+5+4+5 = 25 + 3 reps. Spent the whole time trying to keep up with Hudson. The difference is that he was successful in his goal. I was not. I tried to mentally game round 4, thinking that if I didn’t allow myself to drop to 4 that I would be so burned that I wouldn’t even hit 4 on my last round. I was wrong, and in retrospect, taking the easy way out. Lesson learned. Of course, the post-WOD “I could have done more” feeling is almost a constant, but it’s much harder to find those reps during the WOD.

  6. Didn’t get to do the Chief. Had a training meeting with the recruits but prior to it I decided to do my own WOD waiting on people to show up

    100 burpees for time.

    Good call Jeff on the sarcasm. I watched that video from the journal last night. I loved the part about the wrist curls.

  7. Okay, first time posting my results and just for you two; David and Christina! Christina, I failed you girl. 61lbs 3-3-3-2-1…and sadly no my results are not typos. It turns out not only do i have difficulty counting when i add weights (sorry bout that jordan) but apparently theres somthing missing with my understanding of 3 min intervals. in my fourth 3 min round i looked at the clock after a min and stopped to take a min break. i dont’ know what i was thinking…luckily, Davids “WTF are you doing girl” look on his face and steven still busting out the workout caught my attention. BUT, thanks to David, I knocked out a PR for power cleans at 81lbs. Its not a lot but hey, a PR’s a PR! Got awesome help with the form…its a working progress ; ) also learned by experience not to go to failure on these WODs (the worst but most enduring ways to learn). so all-in-all a good teaching WOD today!

  8. It was awesome watching everyone take on “The Chief” tonight. The chase between Hudson and Jeff was great to witness. I honestly couldn’t tell who was ahead but I knew they were neck to neck. Great work to both of you! Christina and Lisa had a chase going on as well. It was intense at the 5 pm class. Kudos to Lisa for going Rx’d! Way to fight through the squats Christina. Everyone worked hard tonight. Zan got a power clean PR while warming up!

    Rest day for me.

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