Friday 5 February

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
135 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull
Pull to inverted hang and lower as slowly as possible

On SDHP’s, pull the bar to make contact under the chin. On pulls to inverted hang, keep arms, trunk, hips, and legs as straight as possible, both up and down. This is not for time.

The SDHP is a “pull” that is really a “push.” Can you elaborate?

Post impressions to comments.

12 thoughts on “Friday 5 February

  1. If I had to guess, I would say they are talking about the hip extension bringing the bar up.

  2. Hudson, the hip joint being pushed forward to add velocity to the bar for the high pull follow through are my thoughts as well. The actual force to generate the high pull is pushing the hip forward violently. The only other push I can think of might be pushing against the floor to initiate the deadlift portion but I honestly don’t think that’s correct. Just thinking out loud. I brief the hip extension is the correct push.

  3. I agree with everything stated above. This was a good workout this morning. Even though it was not for time I attacked it with the feeling that I was to remain winded and not be able to talk. Worked well and was still a rough WOD. Thanks for the extra push Christina.

  4. Morning WOD: Decided that I should pay for wussing out on the 4th round of The Chief last night, and ran the 3.9 mi loop from my house in 28:11 (PR). Looking forward to some work on the rings this evening.

  5. My rotator cuff has been killing me lately. So I did back squats instead of high-pulls at 75#. The rings were fun! I always love a workout on the rings. I still have a nice hand print on my stomach…thank you Zan ; )
    I decided I’m going to use this month to set some goals. I want to be able to link 50 double unders and learn to walk on my hands before March 1st. So there it is…I’m gonna need everyone to hold me to that!

  6. Jordan, both of those are very achievable. You’re really close on the double unders. One day you’re going to be practicing and all of a sudden link 20, then the next day 40, and then 50. I need to learn to walk on my hands as well. Maybe David can help both of us with that. I think he may come from a genetic line left over from Cro-Magnon man, because he is very adept at using his hands like an ape. …there’s also the large eyebrows and prominent jaw. But that’s neither here nor there.

    Had a great time coaching the class tonight. Everyone seemed to have fun on the rings, and everybody looked pretty proficient on them by the end of the WOD. Also, thanks to everyone for the support on the 1-Christina Turkish Getup (fail). During the 6:15 class I used a barbell and worked up to a successful TGU with 100 lbs, but only the first half (couldn’t lower it back down). I’m gonna keep working up with a barbell and try again in a couple weeks.

  7. First day at CFI Fundamentals 1. Tristan informed me that I was to write on the “daily WOD Blog” as he calls it. Made it onto the board for Tabata squats.. before Tristan. Looking forward to finishing up Fundamentals and starting WODs.

  8. Did Chief on Friday….
    Did 4-3-3-2-3, so 15 total. Four of those rounds I got a couple power cleans in and one round I was into the squats when time ran out.

    Followed that up with CrossFit Fundamentals 1 @CrossFit Impulse and we ended with some Tabata Squats. First round is what got me here with 14, needed to warm up and see how I was going to do. Rounds after that I was able to hit 16-18. Definitely left me tired for the day…

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